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Nils Söderman (rymdnisse)
Nils Söderman (rymdnisse)Animator and Artist
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Who am I?

My name is Nils Söderman, born 1996 in a small town called Kiruna, located in the north of Sweden. No… -.- we do not live in igloos or ride polar bears to work everyday. Though I have to admit, that would be pretty dope.

I currently live in the south of Sweden where I’m studying computer graphics and animations for games.

I’ve always loved telling stories with visuals. As a kid I used to borrow my parents camera to record silly videos or create lego stop motions and play it back in the camera. I later realized I could edit these short videos on the computer using Windows Movie Maker, so I did. I remember even doing some special effects using Microsoft Paint for the stop motion videos (10/10. I mean, those special effects must have been spot on). After doing some special effects using Microsoft Paint I realized I could create a moving character by drawing frame by frame and putting those into movie maker, and so I started doing my first stick figure animations (Still using Microsoft Paint). This was at the time before YouTube existed, even though there was a few other video hosting websites I never published any of the work I did, I only showed it to family and friends.

A few years passed and I had the chance to move on to start working with slightly better softwares like “AVS Video Editor” and Pivot “Stickfigure Animator”. Even though they weren’t industry standard there was a great difference between them and Microsoft paint. I had also started playing Minecraft. One day when browsing YouTube I came across this animated minecraft music video called “Revenge” by CaptainSparklez. I was totally amazed and started questioning how his Minecraft characters could move in the way they did, It was obvious this wasn’t recorded in the game.
I did some research trying to figure out how I could make my own Minecraft animations and came across the free 3D Studio software Blender as well as a rig of a Minecraft player and a few blocks. After a few tutorials on YouTube I had made my first 3D animation of a character doing a front flip. This animation was shortly followed by a few other Minecraft animations these videos gained an insane amount of views which is probably one of the reasons I kept doing animations based on Minecraft.

It was then time to chose a high school I enrolled in the technological program where you would learn the basics of programming, webdesign, and  other mandatory subjects. After a few years of creating Minecraft animations I started exploring other areas of blender and how it could be used. Then the render engine Cycles came along and I took a course called The Architecture Academy course. To me this was a turning point considering I had only made Minecraft themed work before. So I started doing some Architecture which can be seen in my portfolio, Around this time I started getting interested in Python and was able to take my programming knowledge I got from school to start developing some simple add-ons for Blender, my first add-on was the “Minecraft Item Creator” which was sold on the Blender Market.

Around ~2 years into the education I had chosen I started getting quite tired, I knew I was never going to use most of things I studied and it felt kind of pointless(not talking about the programming, but other subjects like chemistry, religion etc.)(I could talk about this forever, but in short school has to change, here’s two great videos I love about school video1, video2). I started trying to spend more time at home focusing on what I love (general 3D stuffs), and put less focus on school. As a result my grades dropped quite a bit, but since I already had quite high grades from the first and second year I luckily managed to get into the school I wanted to go to.

This is where I am now, my first year studying computer graphics and animations for games, and I can’t wait to see where the future leads!

Here’s Some of My Most Recent Work: