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This is a free add-on for Blender which allows you to do post-production directly from the image editor, and EasyFX will automatically build your composition node tree. Once an image has been rendered you can easily start enabling effects, tweak values and manipulate the image to your liking. The add-on is beginner friendly and easy to use, while advanced users still can access the node tree in the compositor to make manual changes or keep building on the generated node tree.


  • Automatically builds your composition node-tree
  • Beginner friendly
  • Advanced users have the possibility to continue working on the generated node tree
  • Create stunning looking renders and animations!
  • Contains the most commonly used effects



The production of EasyFX started around during the summer of 2015, half a year ago.

I was browsing some artwork and animations made using my Minecraft Blender Rig. And a I realized something, there is barely any of these artworks/animations that have made use any post-production, and a lot of them are taken directly from Blender once they’ve been rendered and they where looking really flat, there was something missing. When I first started using Blender I know I sure didn’t bother with post-production, hell, I didn’t even know it was a thing. A thought struck me, what if I could create an add-on which was easier to use and understand than the node editor. I started writing some code and EasyFX started taking shape, at first my targeted audience was just people who didn’t know or understood how the node editor worked. But I then tried using it for one of my own projects and I realized this was way faster than setting up my own node trees, it was a huge time saver. Even though the add-on cannot be compared to After Effects or Photoshop it still serves a great variety of effects and can be a huge speed boost for anyone doing their post-production in Blender. And hopefully new users can easily add something extra to their renders and make them stand out from the crowd, and EasyFX can be a great introduction to both post-production and Blender’s node editor.


I’m planning to keep working on this add-on to add more effects and generally improve it. If you have any suggestions on effects you’d like to see in the add-on, or if you find any bugs, please leave a comment or shoot me a message. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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