Hello World!

So I finally got around to update my website design, it’s still a work in progress but personally I think this looks a lot better than my old one.
I decided to switch to WordPress instead of coding the website myself. Sure, it can be fun to be able to say “I coded my own website” but I think the design of the page is more important. For someone like me who doesn’t necessarily enjoy web-programming all too much it becomes a lot easier and more fun to just do small changes on the website from time to time since I don’t have to go into the source code just to make small changes.

An update to the Minecraft Blender Rig should hopefully be out “soon”. I’m terrible sorry for taking such a long time. I’ve just been really busy with other things. EasyFX is one of them and my goal is to release it next Friday! So far the people who tried it out have left some positive feedback and I’m personally really stoked for this add-on!

One thing you might notice if you’re familiar with my old website is that you now will be required to login with Disqus or social media in order to leave a comment. This will hopefully remove a lot of the spam and random unnecessary comments, I’m also hoping this will create more of a community now when when you easily can reply to people, post your artworks asking for critique etc.

Anyway I would love to hear some feedback on the new design and if you have any suggestions on how it could be improved.
Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Laptop model in thumbnail by Stephan Deutsch.